Triby IO : New Smart Hub for Your Home

Invoxia has a new smart Bluetooth Triby speaker that works with both Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit. Triby IO is similar to its predecessor physically, featuring an adorable retro inspired design with a handle, rechargeable battery, and a magnet on the back so it can be attached to places like a refrigerator. Most importantly, it now adds HomeKit support for anyone that’s bought into Apple’s smart home ecosystem.

The device has five buttons on the front that are customizable — users can program certain lights to turn on or off, set the thermostat at a certain temperature, or even group multiple functions together onto a single button. The front display can also show the time, weather, doodles, messages, and other information you choose.

  1. Patented audio technology, and low-energy display
  2. Audio services with Spotify, and Internet radio
  3. Communication services with calls, messages, and intercom
  4. Home automation with IFTTT and the Alexa Voice Service
  5. Endless combinations of services to enhance your connected home